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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Working Women’s Beauty Care


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A career woman is a very busy woman. She has not only to go to office & handle a lot of exacting chores but she has also to look after the household following her responsibilities at the desk. This leaves her with little time to look after herself & yet she needs to look neat & attractive in her place of work.

What you require is to take one day off every week & reserve it for beautifying yourself. Make it Sunday when usually everyone has a holiday. This day should belong exclusively to you. Rest, relax, beautify yourself & see how the next day you will not only look more beautiful & attractive but be lighter/brighter both in body & spirit. This one day beauty care is not only meant to beautify you but it is also health-giving & prolongs your youthfulness. On this day be as lazy as possible, stay in bed as long as you like & stay off the telephone because talking takes as much energy as working.

Take a light diet on this day to give your over worked digestive system a rest. Here is a sample of the Sunday diet:



  • One glass orange juice.
  • Cornflakes with milk.
  • Tea or coffee.


  • One cup skimmed milk with 1 biscuit. (You can substitute milk for tea or coffee.)


  • Steamed chicken or fish.
  • One green or yellow vegetable.
  • One salad of raw vegetables.
  • Fruit of choice.


  • Tea, coffee, milk or soft drink with 1 biscuit.


  • Soup.
  • Mutton stew.
  • Bread.
  • Fruit.


  • One cup skimmed milk with honey.

After taking your breakfast, rest for a while & then go in for your bath. Lock yourself in & get to work. Start with chores like defusing your legs or arms, dealing with superfluous hair on the face, washing & setting your hair & doing your nails. All these chores need to be done regularly for a well-groomed look.

Fill the bathtub with lukewarm water & put in a few drops of your favorite essence. Then, lie back in the tub & try to keep your mind blank think of absolutely nothing for 10 minutes or try to dwell upon happy things. Let your arms & legs float in the water, splash them around a little & let the ripples in the bath water float over you. Get out of the bath, pat yourself dry & give yourself a facial.

After all this, you should emerge from the bathroom, both refreshed & invigorated. Now have your lunch & go to bed. Do not talk, do not gossip, do not work, for this day is for you & for the next six days you will be for others-what a relaxed, beautiful & changed person you will be!

As regards the skin, clean your face both morning & night because, as you are out in the open for long periods, your skin takes on more dust & grime than the women who stay at home.

However tired you may be after a late night, do not hop into your bed without removing every trace of your makeup otherwise your pores will get clogged & your skin will become sick. Every night before going to bed give your skin a little nourishment by rubbing in a little cream of milk blended with lime juice & a pinch of turmeric powder. Use only a dusting of powder, a soft shade of lipstick & a touch of rouge for the office. Always carry your makeup kit with you to do yourself up before leaving for your home.

Pay greatest attention to your personal cleanliness so that you will not only feel fragrant but also fresh & lively the whole day through. So use a little bath essence, toilet water & dusting powder. Also use deodorant regularly.

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