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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nail Polish

Nail PolishInvention Of Nail Polish

Did you know that nail polish that we know was invented by the Chinese some 5000 years ago?  Their favorite colors were red & black. Today's nail polish is basically a refined car-paint, while the nail polish of the Chinese consisted of beeswax, egg whites, gelatin, gums & dyes. The Egyptians used to dip their fingers into orange henna to color their nails.

Nails Are Reflection Of Your Personality

Sometimes the simplest things (like nails) tell everything about you. Whether you choose a French manicure, some wild prints or eccentric pop colors! Manicure can reveal a lot about preferences for definite fashion styles as well as personality. And if you decide to embrace the winter 2011 nail polish trends you will have the ability to explore. various fashionable shades combined & applied skillfully.

Selecting The Right Shade

In choosing the right shade you should pay attention not only to current trends but also your skin color as well as your nails' shape.

Metallic nail colors came back straight from 80's nail polish fashion. It is an absolute trend right now. For those who hesitate in any way over choosing right metallic hue should opt for lighter nail polish tones.

One of the leading trends of the season includes the option of greige & matte nail polish colors. Greige is a neutral shade; a cross between gray, brown & beige which was made popular by Channel on the runways. It can be lighter or darker or perhaps have hues of lilac or mauve. This group of nail polishes can dignity every nail shape as well as skin tone.

Nail PolishNail Polish Shades That Are Extremely Irreplaceable

The endless shades of red are also among nail polish trends. This class of nail polishes is extremely irreplaceable when you desire to accentuate your lady like charm. All the red color hues, from blood red to pastel tones are absolutely compatible virtually with every look starting from retro as well as burlesque or vintage ones. Metallic, checked. Neutrals, checked. Dark colors, checked. Bright colors, checked.  But, where  do we wear all these? From business wear to school, from nights out to parties, these colors go perfectly for any occasion.

Nail Polish Shades For School Girls

In order not to have any problems at school because of a powerful & bold colored manicure, keep it safe with the classic French, but if you find that boring or it's simply not your style, light colors come to save  you. Milky pink, easy green, baby blue, creamy yellow, nude, soft brown, everything will look lovely & very feminine.

Nail PolishNail Polish Shades For Working Women

For office there's nothing more acceptable than neutrals. They will emphasize your outfit, where you need different accessories in the same earthy shades. Just because it's work or business doesn't mean you can't look like a lady & be fashionable! You come first as a woman & than as a worker.

Nail Polish Shades For A Night Out 

A night out? It is time to go crazy with the chromatic theme chosen from your outfit to your make-up, accessories & nail polish too. Be playful & fun with pop art colors from fuchsia to wild purple, bloody red, turquoise, electric blue, neon yellow, flawless orange, everything goes perfectly!

Nail polish Shades For The Party

Party is the time when you turn yourself into a beautiful lady, a sophisticated & elegant woman from head-to-toe, so you need to keep your nails up looking stunning & extraordinary. Choose colors from midnight blue to bistre brown, purple, green or red, all coming in the darkest shade in order to present mystery & elegance through your appearance. Metallic from gold to silver in darker or lighter shades are perfect.

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