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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cosmetic Essentials

Essential Cosmetic products for a travel makeup it include moisturizer, concealer, bronzer, mascara & lip gloss products
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With busy careers, active children, relationships & other responsibilities it is no wonder that many women do not have the time to do a full makeup look. Having some essential cosmetic products in a Travel Makeup Kit will help keep a polished, professional look.
These cosmetics products can be kept on hand easily in a small makeup bag & stored in a purse or desk drawer. Many of the products can be applied with the fingers & require minimum mirror use. Plus, they will fit into every woman's makeup budget.
Prep the Face with Tinted Moisturizer & other Cosmetic Products

Tinted Moisturizer

is a great staple for an easy makeup look. It can be applied quickly & error-free. The moisturizer will help keep the skin hydrated & will provide a nice hint of color giving a healthy, glowing complexion. Most contain an amount of sunscreen, usually around 15 to 30 SPF. Most cosmetic companies carry tinted moisturizers making it easy to find one that is affordable.


may be the one step that some women can skip, but for many of us it is an essential makeup product. Using a concealer that is in a stick form or a pot will make it easy to apply quickly & with the fingertips.

Pressed Powder

Apply a light layer of pressed powder to set the makeup & to keep shine/oil to a minimum. Powder will also help keep makeup on longer.
Easy Makeup with Minimum Cosmetic Products


is a perfect cosmetic product for easy makeup. It helps bring beautiful color to the face, can be used as a blush & also easily applied to the eyelids for eye-shadow. It will be easier to use bronzer with a tapered powder brush, using the full brush to apply the bronzer to the face & the tapered edge to apply to the eyelids.

Black Mascara

No matter how much makeup is applied, mascara will help draw attention to the eyes & give a more dramatic appearance with one simple coat.

Lip Gloss

can easily be applied throughout the day to keep lips looking fresh & moisturized. Light pink works well for the office & daytime, keeping a richer berry color on hand for evening.
Although life may seem too busy to focus on such a minimal task of makeup, keeping these few products on hand will help have a simple easy makeup look that still looks professional & put-together.

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