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Thursday, January 27, 2011

How To Start Exercise For Healthy Life

If you can squeeze just thirty minutes out of your day, you  can fit  in a great  workout.

Don't wait for extra time to show up in your day because it won't. Mark off 30 minutes for exercise, just as you would schedule a doctor's appointment & then make it a priority. It matters little if it's morning, noon or night. Choosing a time that works within your schedule will help you establish a permanent routine & keep other obligations from undermining your plan.

For many people, an exercise partner is the glue that helps you stick to your commitment. Choose someone with compatible fitness level & goals so that you can each progress comfortably together & feel successful.

If you are not accustomed to exercise, don't try to do too much, too soon. Walking is a great way to begin an exercise program. It's simple you already know how to do it! It requires no special equipment other than a good pair of walking shoes & best of all, you can do it anywhere.

Consistency is a key ingredient for any successful fitness regime, so seek out activities that you like doing. It doesn't matter what the latest craze is that's guaranteed to bum thousands of calories per workout. If you don't enjoy doing it, you will never keep it up. Choose activities that add joy, not dread, to your day.

You need cardio, strength training & flexibility-based activities for a well-rounded exercise program. Rather than walking the same route every day, mix things up by doing some strength training a couple of days per week.

On some busy days, 30 minutes straight is just not happening. On those days, three sessions of 10 minutes of exercise is better than writing it off completely. Do some body squats at your desk, run the stairs, or find a quiet place to stretch. You will feel better & be more productive when you get back to your daily tasks.

You cannot fail unless you quit. Redouble your efforts for the next day & keep your good habit going. Don't let a missed day turn into a missed week & a missed opportunity for success.

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